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My Philosophy

I offer a compassionate and practical approach to decluttering, tailored to the individual needs of each client. After helping the client visualise what they want to achieve, we develop a customised plan of approach to sort, organise and declutter. This is a very consultative process with a focus on supporting the client in making the decisions. The end result is being able to improve the liveability and functionality of those spaces for the client, thereby improving the clients’ quality of life and making those spaces more enjoyable, useable and aesthetically beautiful.

About Me

It really is an honour to be asked to support someone on their decluttering journey. I really enjoy the process of working side by side with the client to help them achieve their goals. It is so rewarding for me and its wonderful when you see how life changing the process can be for them.

Nella Santisi

Clutter Bird

making a difference. one cupboard at a time


Hear From My Clients

“Inspiring Results”

“Inspiring Results”

While preparing my home for sale Nella arrived with a positive, ‘can do’ attitude to assess the task, rolled up her sleeves and decluttered with momentum. She...

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“We found so much space!”

“We found so much space!”

I have worked with Nella going through the organisation of my kitchen and my 3 year-old son's room. In both cases I got so much out of it! My son liked his new room so much that on arrival from...

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“Everything now has its place”

“Everything now has its place”

After having done such a wonderful job on my garden I asked Nella to return to help sort out my garage. It was so disorganised and full of stuff that I couldn’t find anything I needed and was having...

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